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Nevada school district ready to utilize Common Core State Standards

WEDNESDAY, JULY 27, 2011 16:23 PM

After months of preparation, academic officials in Nevada's Lyon County School District feel they are finally ready to introduce a new curriculum under the Common Core State Standards in the fall, the Reno Gazette Journal reports.

The standards provides a national curriculum in mathematics and English language arts and has currently been adopted by 48 states and territories, according to the initiative's website. Using the Common Core State Standards, schools across the country can ensure that their students are receiving the same education in the same grades as other pupils.

Pete Chapin, the district's director of curriculum and accountability, told the news provider that the standards emphasize the need to prepare students for the future.

"It really focuses instruction so that students are learning what they need to be more college and career ready," he said.

Chapin said that all of the district's teachers have already had training on the new curriculum. Now, during the summer months, the educators will attend various sessions in which they will review their current curricula and textbooks to see how well they will work with the Common Core State Standards.