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Much of Michigan's diverse population supports the CCSS

Anyone who thinks only a certain type of person supports the Common Core State Standards would be wrong based on the results of a recent survey of Michigan voters. The Education Trust-Midwest recently issued a press release featuring information that backs up this claim, as well as other evidence of support for the CCSS.

In Michigan, a state that adopted the Standards June 15, 2010, a total of 71 percent of voters were in favor of the CCSS once they learned more about them. Only 18 percent of respondents remained skeptical of the Common Core after hearing a basic description of them. Overall, 600 voters provided responses to the survey, which was commissioned by the ETM.

Still, this survey's results are significant, as they reveal that support for the Standards comes from people of different genders, ages, races and political parties.

"These results show strong, bipartisan support for rigorous academic standards so all Michigan students, regardless of where they attend school, have the same opportunities to succeed in college or career," said David Zeman, ETM's communications and content director, in a statement.