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Mobile company aims to make educators' technological wishes a reality
THURSDAY, MAY 16, 2013 09:45 AM

There is no denying the greater role technology will play in classroom instruction in the years ahead. The sight of K-12 students typing on keyboards and tapping portable tablets is sure to become a common sight in many schools, especially once the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are fully implemented. Unfortunately, pupils may miss out on the educational benefits of technology if the institutions they attend are not ready for this modern take on instruction.

This is where mobile service providers like Mobile Beacon can be very helpful to schools in need. In a recent press release, Mobile Beacon announced the launch of its 4G mobile broadband donation program, which will help educators who have requested technological assistance on the Digital Wish online platform.

"Out-of-school Internet access is arguably as important to the overall quality of the learning experience as in-school access," said Katherine Messier, Mobile Beacon's managing director. "This program is designed to give schools maximum flexibility to decide how they can best make use [of] our mobile broadband service. The donated devices can be used by teachers, administrators, staff or students to provide access both in and out of school."

If selected, qualified public and nonprofit schools, as well as libraries, can sign up for a one-year unlimited 4G data plan for $10 a month per device. They are eligible to receive up to 11 4G devices.