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Mississippi school board learns about the Common Core State Standards
TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 01, 2011 16:19 PM

While many educators welcome the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), some teachers and school officials may not know what to think of the new curricula that will soon be taught in their institutions. As a result, many instructors are training for the changes, while others are learning about the benefits of the Standards.

For instance, in Mississippi, Jean Ann Casey, curriculum coordinator at the Calhoun County Schools, recently met with the school board to discuss the implementation of the CCSS, the Calhoun County Journal reported. Among the benefits of the new curricula Casey listed was the ability to better assess students' skills.

"This is nothing to be scared of," Casey told the board, as quoted by the news source. "I think this is a needed change and I’m excited about it."

Casey added that she felt the teachers and students will prefer the CCSS when it is fully implemented.

According to the initiative's website, Mississippi adopted the CCSS on June 28, 2010. Once the Standards are fully implemented, students will acquire the same skills and knowledge as their peers in the many states that have also adopted the new curricula.