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Mississippi gears up for Common Core State Standards
FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2010 16:07 PM

Many individuals within the education system may feel that there should be a concise way to determine whether or not students meet academic standards of students in other states. The No Child Left Behind Act was put into place to ensure that standardized testing was being used to gauge how much a student is learning.

However, many states are looking for a set standardized test to ensure that students are given an equal test. The Common Core State Standards initiative is something that some government officials are pushing in order to have a clear and concise knowledge to match up student scores.

According to The Dispatch, Mississippi is one of the 38 states that have already adopted the exams. Education officials are currently putting a curriculum in place to move ahead.

"Our students will have a level playing field, not just in terms of how they are compared to students in other states. This will also allow them to compete globally," Trecina Green, director of curriculum and instruction for the Mississippi Department of Education, told the news provider.

The Mississippi Board of Education announced they adopted the Common Core State Standards on June 28 of this year.