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Military families support the CCSS

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 09, 2013 11:46 AM

While the Common Core State Standards are designed to benefit all students, the CCSS are expected to be especially beneficial to military families. For this reason, support for the controversial Standards has been strong among the nation's military community.

Making a difference
For military families, the CCSS' appeal lies in the fact that instruction will be consistent from one school to another, so long as the state an institution is in has adopted and implemented the Common Core. Inconsistency currently exists among states' educational standards, according to America's Promise Alliance. This is a problem for military families that move frequently, as students could fall behind in their studies.

However, once the CCSS are fully implemented, students who transfer to a new school will not have to worry about catching up with the rest of the class. Common Core-aligned classrooms should all be moving at the same pace and covering the same topics.

"Instead of having no idea where sixth-grade math is when you move from Norfolk to San Diego, a common set of standards means you should be able to get on track in a new school much faster than when states had different standards," wrote Dave Saba, an education consultant, in a National Math + Science Initiative Blog post.

Better soldiers
The CCSS are also designed to ensure that students graduate from high school with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in college or as members of the workforce. Retired Maj. Gen. John D'Araujo believes that the Standards can also help these individuals become better service members, according to a guest column for the Clarksville Leaf Chronicle.

D'Araujo wrote that when students graduate without the appropriate skills, the quality of the nation's economic competitiveness and national security are at risk. For this reason, D'Araujo supports the implementation of the Common Core in Tennessee, the state in which he resides.

"Tennessee's Common Core State Standards will help ensure that students are receiving a high-quality education consistently, from school to school and state to state," D'Araujo wrote. "In doing so, all students, no matter where they live, or how often they move to a new school, will be better prepared for success in post-secondary education, the workforce and the military, if they choose to serve."