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Massachusetts school looks to tailor curriculum to Common Core State Standards

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 09, 2010 18:12 PM

States across the country are beginning to adopt the Common Core State Standards tests as their go-to in terms of standardized exams. However, some education officials are finding that their curricula do not match up to the Common Core.

The Swampscott School Department in Massachusetts is looking to do an overhaul on its curriculum in order to meet the Common Core State Standards, as the state has recently adopted the exams, according to Wicked Local, which provides news to specific areas throughout Massachusetts online.

The department plans to focus on literacy, as the subject is one of the main points of the new exams.

"It is the intent that skills be taught through literacy strands. History, social sciences and science will be taught using literacy," Superintendent Lynne Celli told the news provider. "They are looking to find commonalities in words to apply across the curriculum."

The Common Core State Standards have been adopted by the majority of the country, with just 10 states and four territories not committing to the new practice.