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Maryland teachers prepare for Common Core State Standards
FRIDAY, AUGUST 05, 2011 16:48 PM

The purpose of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is to establish a set of knowledge and skills that students will need in order to succeed throughout their lives, whether they pursue a college degree or enter the workforce, according to the initiative's website. Of the 50 states, 44 have adopted the CCSS, including Maryland.

Due to the adoption of the CCSS in 2010, approximately 6,000 Maryland educators are spending their summers learning about the standards, according to The Gazette. These training sessions, which are taking place at Educator Effectiveness Academies, require attendance from one principal and three teachers from each of the state's public schools.

Through the adoption of the CCSS in Maryland's public schools, K-12 students will learn to draw on more than one discipline as they work their way through a course, the news source reports. Lisa Adkins, a teacher at Lakewood Elementary, said this will ease the pressure that educators feel to rush through subjects over the course of the year and instead provide a more focused education on a smaller number of topics.

"It’s helping them take a question and really analyze it, figure out what they need to solve it," Adkins told the news outlet.