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Louisiana schools to have fewer standards under the Common Core

TUESDAY, JANUARY 03, 2012 16:39 PM

As schools begin to implement the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), both faculty and students are noticing significant changes to their curricula.

In Louisiana, a state that adopted the CCSS on July 1, 2010, some students will be learning things in earlier grade levels than they would have had the state not embraced the new Standards, the Monroe News Star reported. For instance, the baseball poem Casey at the Bat will now be taught in the fourth and fifth grades, as opposed to eighth.

By implementing the CCSS, teachers in Louisiana will be able to devote more time to specific areas where students require greater instruction, Penny Dastague, president of the state’s Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE), told the news source.

As schools transition from Louisiana’s current standards to the CCSS, there will also be a reduction in grade level expectations, according to the news outlet. The number of standards will go from 47 to 34 under the Common Core.

However, students will still be challenged. The CCSS’ website states that in order to prepare pupils for what is expected of them in college and the workplace, schools will encounter increasingly complex texts as they progress in their academic careers.