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Kansas school district leases more than $1 million in educational technology

TUESDAY, JUNE 12, 2012 16:14 PM

According to Seaman Unified School District 345’s website, the Kansas-based school system is "nurturing tomorrow’s citizens." This is apparent, based on the fact that the District’s board recently approved the lease of almost $1.69 million in technological classroom resources, the Topeka Capital Journal reported.

Among the new technology students will soon be using include 1,000 iPads and 1,000 Apple laptop computers, as well as all the accessories and software necessary to run these devices.

"To make sure that students learn 21st-century skills, that’s not going to happen without this technology," Mike Mathes, the District’s superintendent, told the news source. "Our motto is 'Educating for the future,' and this goes right along with that."

This technology, coupled with the implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), should provide Seaman students with the knowledge and skills that can better prepare them to meet college and work expectations, which, according to the CCSS’ website, is among the educational initiative’s primary goals.

In addition to approving the lease of new classroom resources, the District’s board gave the go-ahead to establish ways for the community to become more familiar with the CCSS, the news source stated.