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Indiana schools free to teach cursive writing under the Common Core State Standards

When the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) were adopted in Indiana, the state's Department of Education received its fair share of negative feedback, as many people were under the impression that cursive writing was being banned, Wane TV reported.

However, the uproar has since subsided, Emily Acklin, press secretary for the Department, told the news source. This is due to the fact that cursive writing is not being banned; it will just no longer be required under the CCSS. Acklin added that schools are encouraged to focus on keyboarding classes, as they will prepare students for the more technical and computer-savvy world in which they live.

Indiana schools are still welcome to teach cursive if they feel it is in the best interest of their students, the news outlet stated.

"Now that the year has started, people are getting more used to it and see the benefits of keyboarding," Acklin told the news source.

While there are many proponents of cursive writing, others feel that the technique is time-consuming and not as useful as keyboard skills, ABC News reported.