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Indiana becomes first state to align teachers to Common Core State Standards


The Indiana Professional Standards Advisory Board approved new development standards for the state's educators. The board unanimously voted on the movement in conjunction with the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE).

With this vote, Indiana will be the first state in America to align its teaching standards with the Common Core State Standards fully.

"With the launch of our new teacher standards, Indiana is blazing the trail nationally for preparation and licensure of new teachers and school leaders," said Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. Tony Bennett.

Bennett continued that with these new standards, teachers in the state will now be prepared to provide a sense of leadership to students as they move toward these new exams.

These new standards were created with the help of the Evaluation Systems group from Pearson and will be aligned with the Indiana Academic Standards, as well as what is expected from a national standpoint.

"Evaluation Systems was honored to collaborate with Dr. Bennett and Indiana educators on this groundbreaking project in support of the Common Core State Standards," said Dr. William Gorth, president of the Evaluation Systems group of Pearson.