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How to help your struggling child in school
THURSDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2015 15:48 PM

As a parent, watching your child have trouble learning Common Core topics can be painful. You want to provide the best help you can, but since you didn't take part in this testing, you may feel out of the loop. Don't worry, there are many ways you can help your child succeed. Here are a few:

Use a tutor
Many schools offer tutoring to students who feel unprepared for the Common Core testing. These individuals know what to expect on the tests and can provide more one-on-one attention than your child's teacher likely has time for. Your child can work on specific subjects, like literature and science, or delve into more specialized topics like scientific theories or the many nuances of the English language. Ask your child's teacher for a recommendation of a tutor or contact school administration to learn if they have a tutoring program.

Talk to the teacher
Some teachers are not as aware of each student's progress as others. This means your child may struggle, and the educator is unaware. Plus, your child may be afraid to speak up in class to say that a subject is too hard. Make sure the teacher knows what areas your child needs help with and can offer extra help or other resources. 

Do some prep work at home
You may not fully understand every requirement of the Common Core, but that's not necessary to encourage learning at home. You can be of assistance by offering opportunities for your child to do math, like tallying up costs at the grocery store or learning how to calculate a tip when you're out to dinner. You can also read to your child to encourage a robust vocabulary and language comprehension. Have your child read to you so you can learn what words are troublesome, and then use these words every day so your child can get the hang of them.

Research the Common Core
Some parents feel helpless when it comes to the Common Core because they don't know much about it. If you look into these standardized tests and preparation for the exams, you'll learn they're not that complicated! You can better help your child and quell fears about the exams when you understand what will be on them. Check out the Common Core Standards website for this and other important information.