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How teachers are learning about the CCSS
TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 2013 11:50 AM

With implementation deadlines for the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) fast approaching, educators continue to devote time to learning about them, as well as making sure they are ready to teach CCSS-aligned lessons. Here are a few of the different ways in which instructors are currently preparing for the CCSS:

New Common Core Leadership Council assembles in Tennessee
In 2012, Tennessee's Common Core Leadership Council managed to train more than 10,000 educators on the CCSS' third- through eighth-grade math Standards, according to Tennessee's government website. A CCSS leadership course template for principals and assistant principals was one of the Council's other accomplishments.

Overall, the Council was considered to be successful, so the Tennessee Department of Education set out to create a new version of the group for 2013. This year's Council is comprised of principals, superintendents and supervisors who will all work to guide school districts through the CCSS implementation process.

"The success of our implementation of the Common Core State Standards will be directly related to our ability to engage a diverse group of Tennessee educators and stakeholders," said Kevin Huffman, the state's education commissioner. "We've got one chance to get this right, and I'm grateful to our new Leadership Council for helping us make sure that we do."

Susie Bunch, superintendent of the Lexington City Schools, is a veteran of the first Council and a member of the current version as well. As a result, she understands the good this group can do.

"Our council sessions yield rich discussions about teaching and learning and how both will shift as the state moves toward full implementation of the Common Core," Bunch said. "From these rich discussions, decisions leading to the next steps of this transition journey are made."

Illinois State University lends a hand
It may be a long time since teachers graduated from college, but Illinois State University is providing them with an opportunity to return to the halls of academia. The institution's website recently announced that it will host a CCSS workshop on March 15 and 22. Educators are welcome to attend either one of these sessions, which are designed to enhance their understanding of the Common Core.

Dea Conrad-Curry, a veteran teacher and educational leader, has experience speaking about the implementation of the CCSS. Overall, Conrad-Curry has provided professional development for educators at more than 100 schools throughout Illinois. As a result, she will lead the workshops and talk about topics such as creating performance targets and the CCSS' four essential documents.