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Helping your children get through finals
TUESDAY, DECEMBER 15, 2015 10:42 AM

Finals are undoubtedly one of the most stressful events for students. They must take tests and  turn in big projects and important papers to show what they've learned. Your household may be a little edgy around this time. Parents can help their children succeed during finals with these tips:

Go to bed early
Sometimes it is tempting to stay up late into the night studying. CollegeView noted that studying through the night can actually be a really bad idea because kids don't get the restorative effects of sleep. This means they might even start snoozing when they finally get to the big test. A better way to address last-minute studying is to encourage your children to go to bed at their regular times, or a little earlier, and then wake up early to study. At this time they will feel refreshed from a full night's sleep and better retain information.

Start studying now
Finals are the most stressful when kids haven't done the work leading up to the exams. This means they haven't learned what they'll be tested on, and it can make just about anyone a nervous wreck. To help your children avoid this panic, make sure they study for several weeks before the test. Doing daily homework assignments is a part of getting ready for that last week, so check in to be sure they are on top of this schoolwork as well. 

Eat healthy
When that adrenaline kicks in and your kids are studying hard for their finals, they'll likely want to eat quickly. This means they'll turn to bags of chips and candy bars just because they're easily consumed and readily available in vending machines. Running on all that sugar can make studying harder due to blood glucose crashes that will make your children feel sluggish. Instead, provide your kids with healthy options like cheese sticks, granola bars, trail mix and fruit to keep them going. These snacks offer more vitamins, protein and other nutrients to provide longer-lasting energy and even immune system-boosting antioxidants which will help them ward off colds.

Get away from distractions
Studying isn't productive if your children are constantly checking their social media accounts or texting. They likely know this but are tempted to talk anyway. Offer to hold their phones as they study or even have them work in a room with no access to the Internet. Only turn to the Web when it is helpful to getting ready for finals.