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Hawaii does away with cursive requirements

TUESDAY, AUGUST 02, 2011 17:52 PM

In order to help young students advance their academic and professional careers, teachers, school administrators and education experts collaborated on the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Initiative, according to the program's website.

On June 18, 2010, the website states that Hawaii adopted the CCSS. Now, The Huffington Post reports that the state will remove cursive writing from its school curriculum. In its place will be an increased focus on keyboard proficiency.

Despite the adoption of the CCSS, many school administrators have expressed an interest in keeping cursive as a part of their schools' curricula, according to the Star Advertiser. However, The Huffington Post reports that educators who support the change believe that the technique is no longer relevant in a digital age.

"I'm sure that some teachers will still be addressing handwriting, and some will still be addressing cursive," Petra Schatz, a language arts specialist for Hawaii's Department of Education, told the Star Advertiser. "There's a lot that happens in the classroom that may fall outside the standards document."

The Huffington Post adds that 44 states have adopted the CCSS guidelines since their introduction two years ago.