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Girl Scouts embrace the Common Core State Standards
WEDNESDAY, MAY 01, 2013 07:44 AM

Currently, 2.3 million girls are members of the popular youth organization known as the Girl Scouts, according to its website. Those who become Girl Scouts are dedicated to making the world a better place, while building their character, confidence and courage. 

Moving forward, the parents of Girl Scouts members can rest assured knowing the activities their children partake in can help them develop their academic skills as well. That is because the work members do to earn their badges is now aligned with the Common Core State Standards, The Washington Post reported.

Students in grades K-12 have a chance to develop a number of skills in English language arts and mathematics on their way to earning various badges. For example, girls in the second and third grade, or at the Brownie level, can pursue Legacy Badges in seven different areas, including celebrating community and fair play. As they accomplish various tasks, members will develop an array of communication skills, including those involving writing and listening.

This move by the Girl Scouts ensures that many female students will be preparing for the future in and outside of the classroom.