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Florida education officials keep parents informed about the CCSS

As Florida schools implement the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), the state's Department of Education is making sure parents and students are ready for the academic changes coming their way. In a recent press release, the Department announced a few of the measures they are taking.

For example, the Department recently announced the launch of its Readiness Gauge. Using this online tool, parents can see how far along their children's school district is in the implementation process. The Gauge features information on the state's elementary, middle and high schools, with each district appearing in different colors. Districts that are green are ready for the CCSS, and have the evidence to prove it, while red areas are not prepared.

In some cases, individual school districts are doing what they can to keep families informed. For example, educators in Collier County have created a CCSS guide for the parents of kindergartners to review.

"Florida educators strive to provide the highest quality education and Common Core State Standards give our students a competitive edge in global education," said Tony Bennett, Florida's commissioner of education. "I applaud our educators for their initiative and openness to embrace these deeper, stronger standards for our students."