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English instructors prepare to teach more complex texts

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 08, 2011 16:12 PM

Common Core State Standards (CCSS) training has begun for educators in the Vermont towns of Bennington and Brandon, the Rutland Herald reported. The teachers recently came together at Castleton State College to participate in the first of the Vermont Department of Education's sessions.

English teachers were the first to go through CCSS training, with a session for math instructors set for November 14, according to the news source. As states that are taking part in this national initiative transition to the new Standards, English instructors will be expected to "ramp up the complexity" of what they are teaching, Marty Gephart, Vermont's Common Core program coordinator, told the news outlet.

Once the CCSS are fully implemented, English instructors will have their students reading more complex texts, which will require pupils to rely on critical thinking skills to answer difficult questions related to their class work.

In terms of the literature students will be required to read, the CCSS' website states that seminal American works, Shakespeare and classic myths will all be a part of the new curricula. However, individual states, districts and schools will also be free to select books they deem relevant to their students' education.