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Educators to revamp their teaching styles under the CCSS
THURSDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2012 15:25 PM

As the quality of classroom instruction is expected to change under the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), educators in states that have adopted them must revise their approach to teaching. Currently, school districts in 45 states are in the process of implementing the CCSS, which means a lot of instructors are rethinking how they teach.

At Glen Oaks Elementary School in Illinois, for example, students are more excited than ever before when it comes to attending math classes that are aligned with the CCSS. According to The Southtown Star, fifth-graders used to describe math instruction as "boring" and "repetitive." These days, smiling pupils are happy to be learning.

"Now my teaching is more narrowly focused on fewer skills that allow me time to creatively teach not just the skills but the foundation of math, which are problem-solving, critical thinking and analytical thinking skills," teacher Dave Creagan told the news source.

Meanwhile, at Hillcrest Elementary School in Kansas, instructors like Emily Seaman recently started CCSS training, which will run for 18 months before the Standards are fully implemented in 2014, the Lawrence Journal World reported. Seaman said she is already seeing several shifts between how students were learning before the CCSS and how they will be taught moving forward.