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Educational apps in the classroom

MONDAY, AUGUST 24, 2015 13:59 PM

Technology is useful for advancing long-distance communication and making research easier, but it can also be used to improve education in the classroom. Already teachers all over the country are implementing various technology techniques in school, from online practice tests to pulling images from the Internet that align with a discussion. Tech can offer so many other learning opportunities in addition to the ones already being implemented.

Educational apps
Students need to be able to meet Common Core State Standards at the end of the school year, and educational apps can help teachers meet those learning objectives. Many apps can be downloaded for free and have students take quizzes that gauge their understanding of various subjects, like math and English/language arts. The programs can then recommend games, videos and other assignments to help kids understand concepts they are struggling with.

Another Common Core focused educational tool educators should look into is online simulations. Sims are a great way to demonstrate science and math concepts. Kids will find these videos fun and will be able to grasp how various science and math functions work through visual demonstrations. 

Why tech helps
Kids are so used to interacting with technology on a regular basis that implementing apps and online exercises will make students feel more comfortable participating in activities. Engagement is key to learning new concepts, and technology is a great way to get students more involved during class. Another benefit of tech is that many online programs can measure student understanding and designate certain activities based on ability level. This allows students to learn at their own pace and work on areas they need extra help in.

Using technology in the classroom also aligns with CCSS by getting students college and career ready, Capella University notes. When students get to college and into the job field, they will be expected to know how to research topics online, as well as perform other technology-based tasks. By integrating tech into the classroom, kids will be able to develop these skills early and excel in higher education or in a job.