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Education forums focus on technology’s role in teaching

TUESDAY, MARCH 13, 2012 15:03 PM

When students are not in the classroom, many of them are playing video games, surfing the web or using new technology, such as smartphones and tablet computers. As a result, many educators are beginning to see that traditional approaches to teaching need to make way for strategies that will appeal to today’s student.

As schools implement the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), many teachers are already making plans to better integrate technology into their curricula. Both the CCSS and the role technology plays in education were among the topics discussed at software company Imagine Learning’s recent Partnership Forums in Washington, D.C. and Provo, Utah. These semiannual events brought together educators and thought leaders from across the country.

Among those in attendance at the Partnership Forums was Jim Warford, former chancellor of the Florida Public Schools, who held a discussion on how teachers can find solutions to many of the challenges they are facing in their classrooms.

"We educate more students today to a higher standard than ever before in our history," Warford said. "But the world is changing even faster than we are - and we need to keep up."