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Delaware policymakers gain experience with the CCSS

State policymakers have varying opinions about the Common Core State Standards. Some believe they will have a positive effect on education, while others think a different approach to improving instruction is required. Of course, not everybody who has an opinion about the CCSS understands what it will be like for K-12 students to learn in classrooms where the Standards are in place.

This is not entirely the case in Delaware, where a group of policymakers recently took the time to gain firsthand experience with the CCSS, Delmarva Now reported. The state officials visited Silver Lake Elementary School, where they had a chance to see how working under the new Standards will be. For officials like Education Secretary Mark Murphy, it provides an opportunity to step away from "zoomed out, high-level discussions," which is something Governor Jack Markell is also in favor of.

"Let's get away from the politics and the emotions," Markell told the news source. "When you go into the classroom, you see that this is something our teachers support and our students are excited about, and you get to see why."

Markell has been very vocal about his support for the CCSS. He is quoted on the Common Core's website as saying they will help American students compete on a global scale. Markell wants to see American students who are "ready to win."