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Delaware educators discuss the CCSS at conference

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 10, 2013 10:34 AM

Recently, educators from across Delaware participated in the Vision 2015 Conference. The event, which took place Oct. 9, provided attendees with an opportunity to discuss their long-term education goals for the state, according to the Delaware State News.

As Delaware adopted the Common Core State Standards Aug. 19, 2010, they naturally came up during the conference. The CCSS were an especially hot topic at the "Raising the Bar" session, which was hosted by Courtney Fox, who was named State Teacher of the Year in 2008.

During the session, Fox shared data from a survey she conducted of 63 district and state Teachers of the Year to see what recommendations they had regarding the implementation of the Standards.

"I decided to look at those conversations teachers were having much more closely as part of this project, and to look at those informal conversations around the Common Core State Standards to see what really was there, what was at the heart of what they were saying," Fox told the news source.

Overall, 84 percent of these educators said the CCSS will increase student achievement.

In an article for The News Journal, Fox, along with Amber Augustus, 2012 State Teacher of the Year, wrote that educators are excited about the possibility of collaborating with other states to work toward achieving the same academic goals.