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Connecticut residents come out in support of all-day kindergarten

FRIDAY, APRIL 06, 2012 16:04 PM

Of the more than 150 individuals who attended a recent public hearing on North Branford, Connecticut's town budget, many expressed support of the North Branford Public Schools' $30.6 million budget request, The Day reported.

Money for the school district is vital, as it would help fund the development of an all-day kindergarten program. This, in turn, would help support kindergarteners' ability to meet the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), which Connecticut adopted on July 7, 2010.

During the meeting, Sara Querfeld, North Branford curriculum director, provided examples of how more class time would benefit young learners. According to the news source, Querfeld handed out a current kindergartener's two-sentence written description of a picture. Then, she shared a full paragraph that expressed an opinion of a book, which is what the CCSS expects of students. Overall, Querfeld used the samples to make the point that North Branford children require more than two hours of instruction in order to acquire essential skills.

Under the Common Core, kindergarteners will learn how to share their opinions on books through a combination of text, drawing and dictation, according to the CCSS' website.