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Common Core teacher training program begins in Tennessee
WEDNESDAY, JULY 11, 2012 16:02 PM

When students across Tennessee return to school in the fall, they will be introduced to the math portion of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), which will be implemented throughout the academic year, according to the state’s government website. During the 2013-2014 school year, the English language arts Standards will be introduced.

To ensure that educators are prepared to teach in a way that aligns with the CCSS, Tennessee has launched the largest teacher training program in its history. A total of 200 Common Core coaches have begun to lead sessions designed to educate more than 13,000 teachers statewide. Training will take place at 41 different sites and focus on math topics that pertain to students in the third through eighth grades.

Once the CCSS are fully implemented, teachers will have a chance to strengthen students’ level of engagement by focusing on fewer topics and promoting the use of critical thinking, said Kevin Huffman, Tennessee’s education commissioner.

"The spirit with which educators are coming together to support this transition is inspiring," said Emily Barton, the Tennessee Department of Education’s assistant commissioner of curriculum and instruction. "The work that the Core coaches have started in their own classrooms suggests that as we bring this to all classrooms across the state, we’ll see greater student engagement and problem-solving skills."