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Common Core State Standards sparks cursive debate

THURSDAY, JUNE 16, 2011 09:55 AM

According to its website, more than 40 states across the country have chosen to adopt the Common Core State Standards in order to give the nation a shared curriculum. The rapid spread of this system has sparked academic debate in many areas, including handwriting.

The Common Core State Standards does not specify whether children should write in print or cursive, only stating that students should have a solid knowledge of typing skills by the end of the fourth grade, the Daily Breeze reports. Some educators see this as a sign that they should be teaching children more modern skills and straying away from older topics like cursive.

Currently, teachers in California are required to teach their students how to write in cursive. However, many educators say that it is just a quick lesson, as they would rather spend the time teaching children about topics that are on standardized tests.

However, Denise Donica, a certified handwriting specialist, recently told The Daily Reflector that writing in cursive can help improve students' motor skills. The professional also cites multiple studies that indicate that poor handwriting can lead to lower grades on academic assignments, even for students who know the material.