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Common Core State Standards mean changes in Wisconsin school

MONDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2011 17:44 PM

As a result of Wisconsin's adoption of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) on June 2, 2010, public institutions in the La Crosse School District have experienced widespread changes, the La Crosse Tribune reported.

Several aspects of the La Crosse educational experience are undergoing transformations as District officials work to align their curricula with the one that has been established by the CCSS, the news source stated. Once the changes have been fully implemented, students in La Crosse will be acquiring the same math and reading skills as their peers in other states that have adopted the Standards.

"It's just so much to do," Jean Crayton, a teacher at Emerson Elementary School, told the news outlet. "But it needs to be done."

Many of the changes are on display in Crayton's fourth-grade classroom, where students are familiarizing themselves with medical terms to learn about vocabulary, according to the news source.

While the initiative sets the Core Standards that will be in use in classrooms, teachers are allowed to make the lessons their own, the news outlet reported. The program's website states that the CCSS were developed by teachers, researchers and other education experts.