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Common Core State Standards leads to changes for school librarians
WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 03, 2011 16:49 PM

As school administrators embrace new technologies, libraries will continue to evolve and house electronic resources in addition to books, the Bureau of Labor Statistics states. At some institutions, Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is also bringing many librarians further into the 21st century, District Administration reports.

States that have adopted the CCSS have done so to ensure that students are acquiring an education that can best serve them in today's world, according to the initiative's website. Among the abilities that young learners will need are 21st-century skills, such as keyboarding and computer knowledge.

Due to the changes brought on by the CCSS, school librarians in New York City are expected to place an increased focus on various 21st-century skills, such as information literacy, independent thinking and primary resources, according to the news outlet. In addition, these professionals are expected to take a new approach to text assessment beginning in the fall.

"Normally, we’re used to assessing quantitative readings based on how many words are in a sentence or in a passage," Barbara Stripling, director of library services for the NYC School Library System, told the news source. "The qualitative measure focuses on ideas and concepts."