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Common Core may help teachers become more effective educators
THURSDAY, JANUARY 26, 2012 17:42 PM

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are designed to help students become better prepared for college and their careers. Teachers also stand to benefit from the CCSS, as they will be held to higher standards, and, as a result, become more effective educators.

At least, this is the case in Oregon’s Ashland School District, where a new performance-based evaluation system will be implemented by the beginning of the next academic year to gauge teachers’ readiness for the CCSS, Ashland Daily Tidings reported. Once this system is in place, instructors will be evaluated based on their students’ test scores and in-class observations. Educators may also be assessed on how well they design lesson plans.

"Relying on a single test score to evaluate teacher performance isn't reliable or valid from a statistical standpoint; it needs to be combined with something else," Juli Di Chiro, the District’s superintendent, told the news source.

As more schools take steps towards implementing the Common Core, there is a greater focus on seeing how well the country’s educators are prepared for these curricular changes. For instance, the National Council on Teacher Quality recently released its 2011 State Teacher Policy Yearbook and gave Rhode Island, Florida, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio high marks for the quality of their instructors, according to the organization's website.