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Changes await Ohio teachers and students in the years ahead
THURSDAY, JULY 19, 2012 16:53 PM

By the 2014-2015 academic year, the Ohio Department of Education (DOE) states that kindergartners through twelfth-graders in classrooms throughout the state will be learning according to the Common Core State Standards. However, this is far from the only change teachers can expect in the years ahead.

For instance, during the same time frame, the state will introduce the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System Framework, as well as the Ohio Principal Evaluation System, ThisWeek Community News reported. With all these changes on the horizon, officials from the South-Western City Schools District felt it best to put together a presentation on them so they can better keep track of what must be done.

"Hopefully, by putting all this together in one presentation in some timelines, collectively we’ll get a sense of how all these pieces fit together," John Kellogg, the District’s assistant superintendent of curriculum, told the news source.

Overall, the state’s evaluation process will rely on a mix of performance standards, observation, evidence and students' test scores. According to the DOE’s website, the new Evaluation System will also provide teachers with a greater understanding of how they are performing.