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California school district ready to produce better writers and readers

The new academic year is officially underway at Lowell Elementary School, which is part of California's Long Beach Unified School District. In Lowell's classrooms, teachers are now prepared to introduce their students to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), Gazette Newspapers reported.

One instructor who is ready for both the new school year and the CCSS is Linda Nyquist, who teaches first grade. By aligning instruction with the new Standards, Nyquist told the news source she has the ability to transform the way students read and write.

"Once I set up my classroom, I start planning my curriculum," Nyquist said. "My students learn how to read, how to add and subtract and get the basics down. They read short books with a couple sentences on the page, and we take them from there and turn them into real readers and writers."

In an effort to increase students' level of college readiness, the School District will also have them focus on reading and writing in the nonfiction genre.

According to the CCSS' website, first-graders who attend schools in states that have adopted the Common Core will share their opinions in writing, as well as produce informative texts and narratives.