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Anchorage School District hopes to implement the Common Core

THURSDAY, MARCH 15, 2012 15:27 PM

Since the introduction of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), most states have adopted this national initiative. While Alaska does not number among them, one of The Last Frontier’s education officials hopes that it will.

Carol Comeau, superintendent of the Anchorage School District, would like to see the Anchorage School Board adopt the CCSS, The News Tribune reported. In Comeau’s opinion, a transition to this national curriculum would mean stronger math and English standards for the city’s 50,000 students.

The proposal to adopt and implement the Common Core in the District will go before the School Board on March 22, according to the news source. If approved, Comeau expects mixed reactions for city educators. However, she intends to assist teachers who require help adapting to the CCSS.

Alaska’s resistance to the CCSS is due to concerns related to costs and federal mandates, according to The Heartland Institute. However, the state has no problem with Anchorage adopting the Standards.

"We don't take any issue with what Anchorage is doing," Les Morse, Alaska’s deputy commissioner of education & early development, told The News Tribune. "They are trying to make sure their students are ready to compete. Those decisions really are local."