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An introduction to Guam Comprehensive Student Assessment System Tests


Students in 1st through 12th grade who live in Guam must take the Comprehensive Student Assessment System tests. These exams occur two times during the year, and schools use them to understand student and teacher progress.

CSAS Testing
According to the Guam Education Board Official Website, Summative or End-of-Year testing takes place during the last six weeks of the school year and includes English language arts, mathematics, social studies and science. Interim or Within-Year sessions use the Work Keys Assessment System, which addresses skills that make 11th and 12th graders employable. Kids will answer questions regarding real-world scenarios to show their common sense and problem-solving abilities. These subjects stem from Common Core State Standards, which delve deeply into each topic area instead of simply asking students to supply answers to multiple-choice questions. 

These tests help schools understand how teachers are doing and whether they are succeeding in their education methods. Students have the chance to show their skills and that they are ready to advance to the next grade before eventually moving on to postsecondary education opportunities and careers. The testing may assist schools in ensuring students will do well in higher grades and after high school by noting how they progress through earlier years.

Preparing for the exams
Many parents wonder if they could better ready their students for CSAS testing. Guam teachers spend every school day educating kids about the information and skills children need to achieve high scores on the exams. The homework your children do daily, as well as tests and any larger projects, all promote what students should master to earn proficient grades on CSAS testing. If you are concerned about your kids being nervous about the exams, consider having them take some practice tests