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TerraNova 3 Practice Test

Updated for 2023/24 School Year

What are the tests?

What is the TerraNova 3 Testing?

The TerraNova 3 is the latest version of the nationally administered TerraNova exams. The testing is used to provide achievement scores for students, teachers, and parents to better understand how well students perform in Language Arts, Reading, Math, Science and Social Sciences.

What we offer?

What We Offer

Online Practice Tests and Printable Workbook Packages

Our practice materials helps students build confidence and raise test scores for the TerraNova 3. The materials are both affordable and comprehensive encompassing all major subjects: English / Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Science.

Students are provided with instant results and feedback after taking tests and are able to view reports which include comprehensive charts and graphs tracking progress. Practice testing helps promote student achievement and growth.

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Affordable Pricing Starting at just $29.97!

Exclusive Reports

Exclusive Reports

In addition to our standard reports at the end of each test, we offer an exclusive National Percentile Comparison Report. This extensive report compares the scores of an individual students with other students taking the same standardized tests in the same grade level across the nation. Students can see how well they are doing comparatively in a particular topic area and understand which areas need further study.

Online Practice Tests & Printable Workbooks

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National Percentile Comparison chart:

This is a free component within our 1-year practice test package.  This percentile comparison allows you to track student performance by comparing your scores in each individual section and topic area (standard) with scores of other students in the same grade level across the nation!


TerraNova Third Edition News

The TerraNova 3 Tests are important achievement tests because they provide a snapshot of how well students are performing in key subject areas. The achievement scores provide student data that helps educators and parents identify which students might need additional assistance, and help teachers measure their instructional effectiveness.

Also, test takers that score high in percentile ranks can be placed in gifted programs that will challenge them.

TerraNova 3 tests are used in many schools in the United States. They are also used in Department of Defense Dependents Schools. Students in these schools from grade levels K-12 must take the TerraNova 3 tests, and it is administered throughout the school year.

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Practice Materials for the Classroom


Teacher's Edition

How we are different

How We Are Different

The Bright Education System is proven effective in helping students prepare for the TerraNova 3. Our materials are very affordable and we offer flexible pricing options to fit your budget. Volume pricing is also available for schools and school districts.

Bright Education Our Competitors
Online Practice Tests Online Practice Tests Online Practice Tests Online Practice Tests
Standards Based Standards Based Standards Based Standards Based
Common Core Common Core Common Core Common Core
Thousands of Questions per Grade Thousands of Questions Per Grade Thousands of Questions Thousands of Questions
$44.97 Per Year $49.97 Per Year $119+ Per Year $119.88+ Per Year
No Recurring Charges No Recurring Charges Monthly Subscription Required Monthly Subscription Required
Printable Workbook Printable Workbook No Workbook Option No Workbook Option

National Percentile Comparison Report

National Percentile Comparison Report Limited Reporting Limited Reporting

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What others are saying

What Others Are Saying

Here are a few of the success stories our customers have shared with us:

I think this is an excellent program and I have passed this site on to many who plan on purchasing. Thanks.

V. Giles
Woodstock, GA

I found your on-line materials to be more than just test preparation tools - they have inherent educational value as an adjunct to traditional learning.

Matt P.
Orange County, CA

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