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About the Utah RISE and Aspire Plus

What is the Utah RISE and Aspire Plus?

The Utah RISE and Utah Aspire Plus tests are the latest generation of summative assessments for Utah. They replaced the SAGE testing. This comprehensive program is designed to provide information about what students know in core academic areas including Mathematics, English Language Arts (ELA), and Science. The exams can be used for placement and evaluation of a student's progress. Our comprehensive practice materials help students prepare for success on these all important exams.

Practice Tests for the Utah RISE and Aspire Plus

Our curriculum is focused around actual material that a student is likely to see on the upcoming Utah RISE and Aspire Plus test. Nationally known for delivering high quality and affordable materials that help students improve their scores, we provide you both paper-based instruction and easy to use online test preparation.

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More About the Utah RISE and Aspire Plus Tests

State Testing Information for Utah

Portions of the following material were taken from the Department of Education website. Please consult your state's education website for further information on the actual tests administered for your school.

The SAGE test has been replaced with the RISE test (Grades 3-8) and the Aspire Plus (Grades 9-10).



Only testing grades 3–8

New interface, appearance, experience

Enhanced reports for individual students, teachers, administrators

Writing assessed for 5th and 8th grades only

Multistage adaptive format allows students full navigation forward and backward within stages of test


Performance level descriptors and scale score used for comparability

Aligns with Utah CORE Standards

Uses Utah item bank questions developed by Utah teachers

Adaptive to level of diffculty and depth of knowledge

Interim and Benchmark assessments provided as production tools for teachers



Only testing grades 9–10

Hybrid of ACT and current assessment items

Good predictive model for ACT taken in 11th grade

Slated for Spring 2019


Utah Aspire Plus testing is translated into Spanish AND adapted to account for linguistic and cultural differences between English and Spanish speakers


Assessments are an essential element in the learning process, allowing teachers and administrators to:

Evaluate learning and provide specifc feedback

Measure student growth and achievement

Gauge effectiveness of programs and resources

Make instructional and policy decisions

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