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About the Oklahoma Core Curriculum Tests (OCCT)

What is the Oklahoma Core Curriculum Tests (OCCT)?

The Oklahoma Core Curriculum Tests (OCCT) are designed to provide information about what students know in core academic areas. This test is administered online to most students in Oklahoma and measures performance in English Langauge Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Sciences.

Practice Tests for the Oklahoma Core Curriculum Tests (OCCT)

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More About the Oklahoma Core Curriculum Tests (OCCT) Tests

State Testing Information for Oklahoma

Portions of the following material were taken from the Department of Education website. Please consult your state's education website for further information on the actual tests administered for your school.

In an attempt to meet the needs of the students of the state of Oklahoma, the OSTP encompasses two different
assessment types:

The first is the Oklahoma Core Curriculum Tests (OCCT), which are intended for the majority of students.
These assessments are given to regular education students, students who are on an Individualized Education
Program (IEP) or a 504 Plan, and English Language Learners (ELLs). They may be given either with or without
approved accommodations.

The second is the Oklahoma Alternate Assessment Program (OAAP), which is intended for students with the
most severe cognitive disabilities. It may be given only to students who are on an IEP and who meet the
specified criteria on the Criteria Checklist, which is available through the Office of Special Education Services.
The Special Education Department oversees the implementation of this assessment.

The Oklahoma Modified Alternate Assessment Program (OMAAP) is no longer available for IEP students in
grades 3-8 and may only be administered at the End-of-Instruction level for IEP students who are 2nd Time
Testers with a previous OMAAP score in the same subject. This assessment is no longer used for accountability
but can be used to meet graduation testing requirement(s) to show proficiency or to apply a Modified
Proficiency Score. The OMAAP test will no longer be available for any student after the 2015-16 school year.

Oklahoma state tests are used to assess student achievement; target student, classroom, and program
improvement; and inform parents of student progress. The administration of the OCCT and OAAP tests
fulfills federal and state mandates for testing math, reading, and science, and are used for federal accountability.
The scope and general administration of the OSTP is outlined in state law, 70 O.S. ยง 1210.505. Rules that
govern the specifics of test administration and other details are available under Oklahoma Administrative Code
(OAC) 210:10-13.

Oklahoma public schools administer the Oklahoma Core Curriculum Tests (OCCT) and the Oklahoma
Alternate Assessment Program (OAAP) in Grades 3 through 8 and after completion of specific high school
courses. All state tests are aligned to the Oklahoma Academic Standards.

The Office of Special Education oversees the implementation of the OAAP, or Portfolio & DLM assessments,
which include all of the Grades 3-8 content areas and End-of-Instruction for Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry,
English II, English III, Biology I, and U.S. History.

Though schools and teachers should be remediating students who are not mastering grade level skills as part of
their routine duties, the ACE legislation formally began requiring remediation for students not scoring
Proficient/Satisfactory in Grade 7 Reading and Math beginning with 2006-2007 results, and in Grade 8 Reading
and Math beginning with 2007-2008 results. ACE legislation further requires students, beginning with the
4 of 21 Version 11.10.15 incoming freshman class of 2008-2009, to score Proficient or better on the ACE Algebra I and ACE English II
and two of the other five EOI tests (or alternate tests approved by the State Board of Education) as part of their
graduation requirements. ACE law further stipulates that students who do not score at least at the
Proficient/Satisfactory level on the EOI tests, shall be offered remediation and the opportunity to retake each
test until a proficient score is obtained.

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