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About the Kansas Assessment Program (KAP)

What is the Kansas Assessment Program (KAP)?

The Kansas Assessment Program or KAP includes both summative and formative testing designed to provide information about what students know in core academic areas.

Practice Tests for the Kansas Assessment Program (KAP)

Our curriculum is focused around actual material that a student is likely to see on the upcoming Kansas Assessment Program (KAP) test. Nationally known for delivering high quality and affordable materials that help students improve their scores, we provide you both paper-based instruction and easy to use online test preparation.

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More About the Kansas Assessment Program (KAP) Tests

State Testing Information for Kansas

Portions of the following material were taken from the Department of Education website. Please consult your state's education website for further information on the actual tests administered for your school.

The Kansas Assessment Program includes tests and instructional tools for two types of assessments, summative and formative.

Formative assessment tools may be used by teachers throughout the year, either instructionally or as part of classroom assessments to evaluate student learning. Conversely, summative assessments are typically administered near the end of a school year and do not affect students’ grades; rather, summative assessments are designed to help judge the effectiveness of a curriculum for future instruction. Additionally, summative assessments help ensure that schools meet federal and state accountability standards.

The content of KAP tests and tools is derived from the state of Kansas’ approved content standards for English language arts, science, mathematics, and social studies. Before questions are included in actual, scored tests, they are field tested to ensure appropriate fairness and difficulty.

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