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About the Hawaii State Assessment

What is the Hawaii State Assessment?

State Testing Information for Hawaii

Portions of the following material were taken from the Hawaii Department of Education website. Please see our links and source sections at the bottom of the page for more details and references.

General Description of the Tests

Hawaii State Assessment

  • Grades: 3-10
  • Subjects: Reading, Mathematics, Writing, Science

Quarterly Assessments

  • Grades: 3–8, 10
  • Subjects: Reading, Mathematics
  • Purposes:

  • - To inform schools of progress towards student attainment of Hawaii Content and Performance Standards (HCPS III)
    - For school level planning and improvement purposes
    - To inform the school staff and community council for instructional and professional development purposes

Hawaii State Alternate Assessment (HSAA)

  • Grades: 3-8, 10
  • Subjects: Reading, Mathematics, Science
  • For students with significant cognitive disabilities who are unable to participate in the other statewide assessments

National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)

  • Grades: 4, 8, 12
  • Subjects: Mathematics, Reading, Science, Writing

Practice Tests for the Hawaii State Assessment

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More About the Hawaii State Assessment Tests

Testing Schedule
HSA Testing Window

Hawaii Assessment Information
Hawaii State Assessment (HSA)
Quarterly Assessments
Hawaii State Alternate Assessment (HSAA)
National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)

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